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Contacts Ministry of Defense (MoD)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: from abroad:                      +972-3-6084502
from Israel: dial from outside the  03-prefix-zone from mobile and fixed line:
03-6084502 or 03-6084506 
dial from inside the  03-prefix-zone
from mobile:
03-6084502 or 03-6084506 
dial from inside the  03-prefix-zone
from fixed line:
6084502 or 6084506 
ask for Noya (English and Hebrew speaker)

usual availability (Israeli Time):
Sun -Thursday (except public holidays) 9 AM - 4 PM  

Compare your World Time Zone with Israeli Time
= GMT +2 (winter) or GMT +3 (summer)
Fax +972-3-6084579

Ministry of Defense - Social Department,
9, Leonardo da Vinci St., 1st floor, Tel Aviv 64734, Israel

Map - here


If you are a would-be volunteer and this is your first phone call to the MoD, please read this:

We aim to help all overseas volunteers and enlistees for all IDF programs, without wasting resources. Therefore, you should not phone the MoD before registering online - here.

The online registration does not commit you to serve in the IDF or elsewhere, but has the sole purpose to help us to help you quickly. Most important, we will pre-check your qualification and inform you about your next steps and particularly the next person or place to contact incl. phone.

After the registration, please wait for our reply with lots of information. There is nothing we can do for you before learning the details from your registration and pre-checking your qualification and particularly before you study our reply.


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