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IDF in Pictures

A soldier's morning routine

Guard shifts at sunset in Southern Israel

A 40 kilometers march is part of basic training combat soldiers undergo

During basic training combat soldiers live one week in the field

Tank combat simulations in the Golan Heights

IDF forces preparing for an operation

A combat soldier resting after inspecting cars at a Checkpoint in Gush Etzion

Two of the new "Yanshuf 3" helicopters

A soldier praying shaharit (Morning Prayers)

Rescue operation drills conducted by the Homefront Command

Paratroopers's combat training in the Hermon Mountains

A soldier of the "Alpinist" unit contacting his base

A rescue operation drill conducted by the Homefront Command in the ruins of an old building

The IDF sees itself as a people's army, and is committed to helping the community. An IDF soldier helping a young immigrant from Ethiopia to plant a tree.

Naval officers's ceremony

Sergei, an immigrant from Kazakhstan, seeing his mother for the first time since he left Kazakhstan three years ago

Fitness training of Marva volunteers

Sports Day

Two soldiers with mud on their faces resting together after a lesson in camouflage

A soldier drinking cool water in the afternoon of a hot day

Soldiers practicing surprise attacks

A female soldier preparing for a drill

Nahal Infantry Brigade photos - click here

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