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Your Service in the Israel Defense Forces

IDF Mahal program (short = min. 14 or 18 months):

  • Free IDF Hebrew Studies/Ulpan (applicable only if Lishkat HaGiyus finds your command of Hebrew to be insufficient): 3 months; includes about 3 weeks of IDF Pre-Basic Training in the beginning.
  • IDF units/jobs when eligible for IDF enlistment - here
  • IDF Pre-Basic Training (Trom Tironut, for men only): about 3 weeks preparation for the IDF including sport, military discipline, arms training, first aid, ABC defense etc.
  • IDF Basic Training (Tironut):
    4 1/2 months
    (or about 3 weeks , if non-combat job); arms training, first aid, close combat, self defense, navigation, camouflage, ABC defense etc.
  • Active IDF Service until discharge.
  • You can opt at any stage for longer active IDF service, but the best is to do it right at the outset.

IDF Mahal long:

  • more units available depending on various issues such as longer service with longer training options.
  • IDF units/jobs when eligible for IDF enlistment - here

Path for Israeli citizens residing overseas:

  • similar to IDF Mahal short
  • depending on various issues such as lenghts of service
  • IDF units/jobs when eligible for IDF enlistment - here
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