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Mahal2000 at the Induction Center

July 13, RAMAT GAN. The Mahal2000 volunteers of the July induction were enlisted today at the BAKUM (Bakum is the base where all soldiers are processed before being sent out to the various bases or units where they will eventually serve).

At the BAKUM they received their IDF uniforms and army equipment. Later that day they were transferred to an army base in northern Israel, "Mehveh Alon", where they will undergo pre-basic training.

Click here for more info about the BAKUM

Getting used to army discipline

Mahal2000 volunteer talking to his family from the BAKUM induction center

Waiting for the bus to "Mehveh Alon", an army base in northern Israel where volunteers undergo pre-basic training

Click here for more info about the BAKUM induction center

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